Carers Support

Those who care for people with Multiple Sclerosis don't always think of themselves as "carers". You may be a parent, partner, sibling, or friend and you may look out for, and take care of, your son, daughter, husband, wife, lover or pal - in the same way that they would look out for you.

It is sometimes said that MS affects "the whole family" and it's certainly true that the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis - fatigue, walking difficulty, a foggy brain, bladder problems - have a ripple effect on those around you. You may find that you are not able to do as much in the house or garden or at work - and someone picks up the slack.

So, although not everyone wants the label of carer, it is certainly true that lots of family and friends of people with MS have the need of support as well. You can talk to the MS Specialist Nurse about this. 

A great new resource aimed at family members and friends of MSers has just been launched by the charity Healthtalk. It consist of lots of videos with people sharing their experiences of MS from the standpoint of carers, partners, parents, children and friends of MSers. It is the result of interviews carried out up and down the country by a researcher from the University of Oxford. It is well worth browsing through and you can find it HERE

The Moray Council have commissioned an organisation called  Quarriers Carer Support Service (Moray) to provide a range of emotional and practical support to unpaid carers, young and old, in Moray. This includes advice and support and a confidential telephone helpline. Quarriers are based at: 

44 High Street, Elgin IV30 1BU. 

The main office number is 01343 556031. The helpline number is  01343 555031

To find out more about Quarriers' services in Moray click HERE

Quarriers is a national organisation and have their own website HERE

Everyone who carries out a caring role is entitled (legally) to a Carers Assessment. This is a formal process - but carried out in an informal and friendly way - and helps to clarify what kinds of support you may need - and be entitled to . Find out more about Carers Assessments HERE. Contact Quarriers to find out how it might help you. There may be funds available to help with things like respite care.

If you are a carer and are having problems accessing services and support it may be that you would benefit from and "advocate" - someone to help you to speak up for yourself. Advocacy North East provides such a service. Go to their website HERE.

A Scotland-wide charity called Shared Care Scotland, funded by the Scottish Government, provides good, practical information about respite care and short breaks suitable for people with various disabilities and their carers. Click HERE for their website.

Another organisation which supports carers in Moray is Crossroads who provide respite for carers in their own home by providing trained care attendants to relieve the carer allowing them to have a break . The service includes overnights if required. Contact Crossroads at:

Victoria House
10 Victoria Crescent
IV30 1RQ
Tel: 01343 544575 / 01343 541383

Crossroads Caring Scotland have a website. Click HERE for more information about their services and values

If you care for someone in receipt of Disability Living Allowance/Personal Independence Payment or Attendance Allowance you may be entitled to Carers Allowance (formerly known as Invalid Care Allowance). This benefit is an acknowledgement that Carers are often not able to work or to accrue National Insurance credits. Click HERE for more information. It has been acknowledge by the Government that many people who are eligible for this allowance don't claim it. So do click HERE to find out if you're eligible. Even if you're not entitled to Carers Allowance you may be eligible for Carers Credit which will help towards your National Insurance record for pension purposes. 

The Scottish Government have improved on what is available to Carers in Scotland by introducing a Carers Supplement on top of this allowance. To find out if you are eligible and to get more information click HERE

Remember that if you want some help or advice about claiming benefits, there is the service offered to MSers and their carers and families provided by the Citizens Advice Bureau. Click HERE for more information.