NHS bits and pieces

The National Health Service has a number of policies and standards of relevance to people with Multiple Sclerosis. They also publish information and guidance that has the official NHS stamp

*  In Scotland a service called NHS Inform has information about health conditions including Multiple Sclerosis. To access their MS pages click HERE  

*  Locally in Grampian there is an information source called Grampian Caredata which provides information, and links to other websites, that may be of interest to people with Multiple Sclerosis and those who care for them. Click HERE 

*  The management of most NHS services in Moray is the responsibility of the Health and Social Care Moray and their website is HERE 

*  The organisation Health and Social Care Alliance (formerly the Long Term Conditions Alliance Scotland) - now just known as the Alliance does work of relevance to people with Multiple Sclerosis particularly in the area of self-management. For their website click HERE 

*  The National Institute for Clinical Excellence known as NICE operates in England and Wales but their Guidelines on Multiple Sclerosis are of interest. Click HERE  

*  In Scotland there are Guidelines developed by the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) but so far none have been developed for Multiple Sclerosis. However for the SIGN website click HERE.  Some other sets of guidelines on Neurology, Spasticity or Orthotics may be of interest to people with Multiple Sclerosis.

*  The quango Healthcare Improvement Scotland has produced a set of standards for Neurological services (including MS) and, more recently, a plan for implementing them. If you are interested click HERE They have also published an audit of how well health authorities are doing in implementing the guidelines. To find out how NHS Grampian is doing click HERE download the PDF file and browse.

*  A body called the Neurological Alliance works to enable people with various neurological conditions, including Multiple Sclerosis, to become more effective in influencing NHS and Government policy and practice. Their website is HERE

If you  think your GP would value learning more about MS you could point her or him to an online learning module developed by the MS Society. Here is what the Society have to say about it:

An e-learning training module for GPs in partnership with the Royal College of General Practitioners was launched in April 2012. 

The module includes 3 x 30 minute units focused on:

The role of GPs in diagnosing MS, 

Long term outlook and management, 

The psychological and social impact of MS on the patient and their carer(s). 

The module was launched in April 2012:  

1212 GPs completed the course (data from April-Dec 2012)

 Participants complete a pre and post course assessment. This shows a 34% average improvement in knowledge as a result of completing the course. 


Pre course assessment average score: 60%

Post course assessment average score: 94%

Assessment average improvement: +34%

Some summary feedback is below:

excellent easy to understand comprehensive session on MS with important practical points to remember

good and helpful clinical content. Excellent summary and the patient videos are relevant

fantastic well written module

really enjoyed the patient interviews and there was a lot of practical advice for GPs in this session

If you are a GP you can access the module HERE