Independent Living Centre

The Independent Living Centre (ILC) is a great source of information and advice on all aspects of living well with changed ability. Housed within the Moray Resource Centre, the ILC is staffed by Occupational Therapists and an Information Officer who are always on hand to help and advise. It is best to make an appointment first, however, as they are well used. 

They can be contacted on 01343 559461 or by email at  The website for the ILC is HERE

The ILC has a wide range of equipment on display - equipment which can be used to make everyday activities easier. This includes washing, dressing, cooking, getting around the home and getting out and about in the big wide world!

A good indication of what the ILC does can be got from the range of excellent films they have produced and mounted on their own channel on YouTube.  A sample is below - it also talks a bit about the Moray Resource Centre. To access the full collection click HERE.

YouTube Video