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Tai Chi + Yoga

A number of people find Yoga and Tai Chi useful and there are several teachers and classes in the Moray area. Ask in your local library or keep an eye out in the local newspapers for the latest. 

Yoga needn't be just about getting into challenging stretches and positions (which might put off some people with MS). It can also be about gentle, subtle movements which increase your awareness of your own body. There are Moray-based teachers who offer this approach and do one-to-one sessions. One qualified practitioner, based in Elgin, has an interest in MS. She is Valerie Ritchie and details of her practice and contact details are on her website HERE

Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise that is actually a slow moving martial art. Originating in China it is now widely practised in this country and has become very popular in Moray. Chanquanshu is a school which teaches different aspects of the art. It has been active in Moray for many years. For their website and detail of classes in Elgin and Forres click HERE.

The Taoist Tai Chi organisation runs classes in Nairn and sometimes in Forres. They have a special class for people with health challenges in Inverness. For details of their latest classes go to their national website HERE