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Self Management

The notion of self-management of long term conditions has become very popular. The thinking is that by taking as much control as you can over your own health and well-being you are more likely to stay well for longer. This makes sense for all of us but particularly for those of us with a chronic condition for which there is no obvious cure.

Self-management for people with Multiple Sclerosis will probably mean different things to different people but a course has been developed which some people in Moray have followed and found useful. This course, based on a model sometimes known as the Stanford Model, consists of  6 weekly sessions  led by people who themselves have a long term condition like MS. It covers topics such as relaxation, pain management, diet and exercise. The sessions usually last for two and a half hours and groups include people with a range of conditions.

For MSers, courses used to be run by the MS Society.They now have a course called 'Living Well with MS" with the following components:

What does the course include?

The course aims to help you:

  • understand what 'self-management' is
  • share your own experience of MS with others
  • feel more confident to set up and successfully achieve daily goals
  • learn new skills to help support you to live well with MS
  • have a better understanding of which local organisations can offer you support

Unfortunately there are no courses planned for the Moray ara but check the Society's website for news.