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Mindfulness is the word used to describe being aware of your body, your feelings, and what is going on for you right now. Living in the present is another way of thinking about it.

A number of people in the Moray MS Support Group have found practising Mindfulness helpful. 

A programme known as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) has been developed and practised for a number of years and proved to help with a range of health conditions. Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn took the lead in developing the programme at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre. To look at their website and find out the background to MBSR click HERE.

A pioneering Mindfulness for MS training course took place in Moray. The course lasted for 8 weeks and was a pilot which will inform whether such a programme could be repeated here and extended to other parts of the country.

Mindfulness is a drug-free way in which we can reduce stress, pain and other symptoms of MS. It is to do with being aware of everything that we do and trying to stay in the present. Clinical trials have shown that Mindfulness helps improve health-related quality of life of people with MS. It's based on simple ideas but takes a bit of learning and practice. The best way to understand Mindfulness, and to get the best out of it, is to follow a training course. And we are very excited that a course has been developed specifically for people affected by MS in Moray.


Locally two people have trained in teaching this technique at the University of Wales Centre for Mindfulness Research and have been offering an 8 week course on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.  If you are interested contact Momie Cain on 01309 691531 or email her at Momie ran a taster session at the Moray MS Support Group and interest from that led to the course described above which she also ran.

Mindfulness won't cure MS but following the programme may well help with some of the symptoms. A lecture by Dr Kabat-Zinn given to the staff at Google is available on YouTube. It has an American flavour but also gives a picture of what the MBSR programme is like. To view the video click below. It is quite long - more than an hour - but includes a sample of how Mindfulness works.

Another video by Dr Mark Williams from Oxford University gives another flavour:

YouTube Video