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Multiple Sclerosis - like a lot of long-term, chronic conditions - can be hard to cope with. There is a lot of loss involved - loss of good health, loss of vitality, loss of mobility, loss of work, loss of identity - we've all got our own list!

Dealing with loss can be tricky. There is a natural, healthy process - a bit like dealing with bereavement - that involves going through stages like anger, depression, denial or blame, hopefully ending with some sort of acceptance allowing us to move on. But we can often get stuck and not get to the acceptance stage!

Processing that loss is something we can do on our own but it often helps to seek out help. A lot of people with Multiple Sclerosis find talking to others can be a great help - partners, friends, family, others with MS. 

Some find it difficult to talk to people who are close and would prefer a "caring stranger" to talk to. That's  where telephone helplines or face to face counselling comes in.

In Moray there are a lot of counsellors and therapists who are trained and skilled in helping people with MS to work through the difficult emotions that come with having this condition. This website will not make recommendations but we would encourage you to spend time researching what sort of help might be right for you. Personal recommendations from people you trust is a good idea - though everyone is different and a counsellor who is right for Person A may not be right for Person B. There are professional bodies who accredit some counsellors and you might want to consult with them.

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy list some of their Moray-based members on their website. Click HERE to have a look. Not all BACP counsellors are listed here. Ask around; check the Yellow Pages and local papers. Do an internet search for Counselling in Moray and see what comes up. But always ask a counsellor or therapist what their training has been and whether they are properly supervised.

If you have a problem with your sex life or your relationship you might want a specialist relationship and psychosexual therapist. The College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists have a website and a listing of their practising members in Scotland. Click HERE for the link and use the "Find a Therapist" link. The MS Trust has produced two very useful booklet on MS and Sex - one aimed at women and one aimed at men. You can get these free from the Trust.

There has been some money put aside to fund free counselling for people with MS in Moray. Speak to the MS Specialist Nurse about this.

There are telephone helplines provided nationally by the MS Society and MS-UK. Check out the details on the MS Society website HERE and the MS-UK website HERE.

Some Complementary Therapies, as well as Counselling, can help you to deal with the emotional challenges of living with MS. Click HERE for more information.

If you are concerned about how MS might be affecting your thinking, the MS Trust have developed a website called StayingSmart to help you build confidence in dealing with cognitive difficulties. Click HERE to read more


A training module called Emotion Matters has been developed for Healthcare Professionals to help them to better support people, like MSers, who need some emotional help and support. A trailer for the course is worth watching - 

YouTube Video