Speech and Language Therapy

Some people with Multiple Sclerosis have problems with communication and/or swallowing. Help to manage this is offered by the NHS Speech and Language therapists. If either of these is a problem for you discuss first with your GP or the MS Nurse. They can refer you, or you can self-refer, by ringing 01343 553100 or e-mailing grampian.sltmoray@nhs.net 

The Speech and Language Therapists are based at the 

Glasgreen Centre, 

2 Thornhill Drive


IV30 6GQ

Tel 01343 553100

They offer appointments at Out-patient clinics throughout Moray, can visit you in your own home if necessary, or offer telephone consultation.

The therapists say, "Speech and language therapy considers the whole person and any intervention will largely focus on teaching compensatory strategies and modification of the environment so as to maximise communication and swallowing function".

You can find the Glasgreen Centre here...