Rehabilitation is the term used to cover help and support to enable you to look after yourself more effectively at home - and also to get the most out of life! General help on rehabilitation is available through Physiotherapists  or Occupational Therapy

There are also Rehabilitation Consultants who can be of great help to people with Multiple Sclerosis. GPs can refer you but they often don't think about Rehab as an option so it is good to prod them! 

Rehabilitation Consultants are supported by experts in Orthotics and Pain Management and they can also provide Botox injections which have been proven to help with spasticity and with some bladder problems.

Recent research has demonstrated that Rehabilitation sessions can be of benefit to People at all stages of their MS journey. Sessions delivered by video can be of benefit too and the MS Society and NHS, together with the Moray MS Community, are looking into piloting video-conferenced clinics in Elgin. 

In Aberdeen the purpose built Horizons Rehabilitation Centre provides assessment and therapeutic rehabilitation for people with physical disabilities, including people with multiple sclerosis, aged between 16 and 65. The Centre offers time-limited rehabilitation programmes to meet the needs of patients, their families and carers. They say that "treatment assists individuals to achieve their goals and gain maximum independence within the community." Although based in Aberdeen, patients can be referred by health or social work professionals in Moray. The go-ahead from your G.P. is needed. The Horizons Centre is now run by Bon Accord an arm's length organisation delivering services for Aberdeen City Council.

There is also a Consultant-led Rehabilitation team based at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness to which MS patients in Moray may be referred. Speak to the MS Specialist Nurse or to your GP if you think this might be relevant to you.

In general people living in the East of Moray tend to be referred to services in Aberdeen whereas patients in the West of Moray are referred to Inverness.

The Moray Resource Centre will also help you to improve the quality of your life if you find you are struggling with everyday tasks and activities. Contact them on 01343 551339 to see if they can help, or pop along to the Centre on Maisondieu Road in Elgin.