People with Multiple Sclerosis usually, at some stage, meet with a Neurologist. In Moray there are no Neurologists based in the County. Instead we have to travel to Aberdeen (or, rarely, to Inverness). 

There is some work being done to see if teleconferencing - where you consult with a Neurologist via a video link - might work for Moray patients. This is an exciting development and may be of great benefit to Moray MSers. A pilot session has already taken place in Buckie and all the participants thought it was a great success. There is now a real possibility of this being rolled out throughout Moray. Keeping checking Latest News for updates.

Neurologists are the ones who give diagnosis and recommend treatment (as well as GPs) but thereafter the MS Specialist Nurse is usually our point of contact. It is not possible to self-refer to a Neurologist. You must go through your GP. But if you are on their books you can often ring or e-mail for advice or to ask for an appointment. 

The Aberdeen Royal Infirmary is at 

Foresterhill, Aberdeen AB25 2ZN 

Tel. 0845 456 6000.

A lot of Neurologists - including those based in Aberdeen - are involved in research into causes of and treatments for MS. This can involve clinical trials in which people with MS are often asked to try our new medications under strict, research conditions. Keep an eye out for news of new clinical trials by reading the magazines and websites of the National Organisations involved in MS