Care at Home

If you feel that your Multiple Sclerosis has led you to need help to manage at home, you can ask the Moray Council to carry out what they call an assessment. If you ask them they are legally obliged to do this. Depending on the assessment you may be entitled to a range of help such as: 

  • information and advice
  • aids and adaptations in your home
  • home care
  • employment advice. 

If you have someone, like a family member, who you rely upon for care you may be anxious about what will happen if they become ill or otherwise unavailable. The Moray Council can help here too.

The Moray Council has made it easier to access Community Care by establishing a single telephone point and by having an Access Team to help with enquiries and steer you to the best service. The number is:

01343 563999

The above number is accessible during office hours. Out of hours, in emergencies, you can call:

03457 56 56 56

There is no charge for an Assessment and many of the services on offer are free, so if you think this may be relevant to you, speak to the MS Specialist Nurse or to any healthcare professional you may be working with. The Moray Council website has very useful information about:

Community Care

The Assessment process

Eligibility Criteria

..and lots more. Call 01343 563999 if you have other enquiries.

Self Directed Support and Direct Payments

If The Moray Council decide that you are entitled to Care it can give you money so that you can arrange and buy the services yourself. This is called Self Directed Support and involves Direct Payments. The Council must offer you direct payments as an alternative to arranging the services for you. But if you get direct payments you must use it to arrange services that meet your assessed needs. It is not money to spend as you choose. For more information about Self Directed Support click HERE