Continence problems

Some people with Multiple Sclerosis have problems with their bladders. This can take different forms and can vary over time. In Moray and throughout Grampian there is a specialist Continence team and it is a good idea to keep in touch with them if you have difficulty with your bladder or bowels.  

Ask your GP or the MS Nurse to refer you.

The Grampian Continence Service, which provides a helpdesk, also has its own e-mail address and phone number 01467 672748


There are a lot of steps you can take to avoid or deal with problems and we are all wise to take sensible precautions to avoid Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Physiotherapists can also offer help  as can Rehabilitation Consultants

A real help if you have problems with "urgency" is a special key to public (and some private) disabled toilets This is produced by RADAR - the disability rights people - and is available to anyone with Multiple Sclerosis. In Moray you can obtain a RADAR key at the Moray Resource Centre and also at Elgin Shopmobility. They cost £2.50 (the price has just been reduced!) but you can keep the key for as long as you want to. You can also order a key direct from RADAR. Click HERE for information. 

If you have a RADAR key and are a smart phone user you might want to get the RADAR App which allows users to instantly locate the nearest National Key Scheme toilet and gives directions by road, bus or foot. The app contains all the information from RADAR's guidebook and you can run searches by town, location, postcode or well-known place. The app is free to download from iTunes. Click HERE to start the process. A great use of technology!