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The Motability Scheme exists to help people with mobility problems get access to appropriate and reliable cars. 

The scheme is open to those receiving the higher level of the Mobility component of Disability Living Allowance/ Personal Independence Payment.  (Check the Benefits page to find out more about this.) The scheme is simple. You exchange the mobility benefit for a new car, which you lease rather than own. You keep it for three years after which you can replace it with another new one. Sometimes an additional, advance payment is required depending on what car you opt for. Insurance, road tax and servicing is included as is breakdown cover. So it makes for worry-free motoring.

As well as getting access to cars you can also get adaptations - sometimes at no charge - to make driving and getting around easier. These include hand controls for brake and accelerator, or hoists to get wheelchairs or scooters into the car.

The Motability scheme can also be used to get an electric scooter or a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV).

For more information about the Motability scheme click HERE  You can use this site to identify dealers in the Moray area who participate and who can advise you.