Getting About

Many people with Multiple Sclerosis have difficulty with mobility and this can change over time. There are lots of things that can help. The first step is probably to talk to a Physiotherapist. A Physio can advise about walking sticks, elbow crutches and other things like Orthotics and Functional Electric Stimulation (FES) which can help with "dropped foot" where falling can be a danger.

A Physiotherapist or the Disabled Living Centre at the Moray Resource Centre  can advise on Rollators or Walkers - wheeled frames that help to keep you steady and extend the range of your walking if that is a problem.

If your walking is worse and a wheelchair is necessary, your GP, OT  or Physiotherapist can refer you to the NHS Wheelchair Service in Inverness or Aberdeen. For the website of the Aberdeen service click HERE   For the Inverness service website click HERE 

Powered Wheelchairs are available on the NHS but there is a strict assessment process and not everyone will be eligible. Many people end up buying their own or choose an Electric Scooter. Scooters or Buggies come in many shapes and sizes. Choosing the right one for you can be tricky. Take lots of advice from your Physiotherapist or the Disabled Living Centre or speak to other people that have already bought one.

The Moray Council has an Access Panel which campaigns for things like dropped kerbs. For more information click HERE 

There is also a Disability Forum in Moray which aims to represent the needs and interests of all people with disabilities. For information contact the Moray Resource Centre 

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