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Help with Heating

Living with Multiple Sclerosis is likely to mean higher fuel bills and more difficulty paying them. Many MSers spend more time at home and need heating on for longer. MS can also mean sensitivity to hot and cold so heating systems that are more sensitive to temperature fluctuations become more important.

Fuel prices fluctuate but even if prices come down, the heating bill is usually one of the most significant in an MSer's household.

There are a number of schemes and strategies that can help with making your home more energy efficient - like insulation and boiler replacement - and tactics like switching your energy supplier. These schemes seem to change regularly and some are more effective than others. Rather than listing current schemes here we suggest contacting the Citizens Advice Bureau for advice and guidance. For more information about the Moray CAB click HERE. There is also a scheme part funded by the MS Society which gives MSers in Moray access to a trained advisor at the Moray CAB who will offer home visits if necessary and is available to advise on a range of issues including fuel bills. Click HERE for more information.