Complementary Therapies

Multiple Sclerosis affects everyone differently but for most of us there is, as yet, no obvious cure. For some types of MS there are disease-modifying drugs which can extend or promote remission. And there are many drugs available for certain symptoms of MS such as spasm or pain.

A number of people with Multiple Sclerosis try alternative or complementary therapies. These include:






Energy Healing 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 




Emotional Freedom Technique 

Feldenkrais Method

Yoga Therapy

Different forms of counselling and psychotherapy and many many more.

We will not make any recommendations of treatments on this website but we would encourage you to become aware of the range of therapies that are available locally. 

A national website - a business directory - called the Therapy Directory is a good source of information about complementary and alternative therapies. They list practitioners throughout the UK including some near Moray and plan to increase their coverage so more Moray-based services may be advertised in the future. Visit the site HERE

There are very few complementary therapies available on the NHS. Some GPs may practice acupuncture or homeopathy as may some physiotherapists. Acupuncture is recognised by the NHS as a treatment for pain.  A form of counselling called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is also increasingly available on the NHS. Ask your GP for more information. A number of GP Practices in Moray also offer access to other types of Counselling such as person-centred counselling. This is taught at Moray College.

But the majority of complementary therapies are offered privately and, for almost all, you will have to pay for each session. This will usually be in the region of £25 - £40 for a one hour session. 

The Moray Branch of the MS Society have a scheme offering financial help for MSers to access complementary therapies. The branch will fund a taster of four complimentary therapy sessions with a therapist who has the relevant qualifications/ insurance etc.   The agreed maximum cost per session is £30 and available to any individual who has a diagnosis of MS.  If you would like to take up this opportunity please get in touch by e-mail: or telephone/ text: 07917 218 725 prior to starting the sessions.

Many therapists advertise in the local press or in the Yellow Pages. 

Some therapies are available free or at a subsidised rate to users of the Moray Resource Centre  or the Oaks in Elgin. 

A fund has been created to allow people with Multiple Sclerosis to access Counselling free of charge. Contact the MS Specialist Nurse for information.

Therapists associated with the Findhorn Community have formed a practitioners group and have a website. Click HERE  This group has also developed a Code of Ethics which is a useful source of information on the sorts of questions you should be asking before seeing a therapist. Click HERE for more information

In Forres the Healthworks Centre, 

5 Bank Lane, Forres 

Tel 01309 676691 

offers a range of therapies. For their website click HERE Healthworks is also a registered charity and operates a bursary fund offering reduced price therapies to those on low incomes. Contact the Manager or speak to your chosen therapist for more information. Healthworks has a library which is open to all.

In Buckpool, near Buckie, Crossreach provides counselling services. There is a charge for this but they appear to be flexible and ask for contributions based on what you can afford to pay. They are connected to the Church of Scotland but their service is open to all. For their website click HERE