Sometimes getting good services from the NHS or Moray Council depends upon you speaking up for yourself. Having Multiple Sclerosis can make speaking up hard - through fatigue, speech problems or other disability. You don't have to struggle on your own.

Perhaps the first person to speak to is the health professional you feel most comfortable with. This may be the MS Specialist Nurse, or your GP of a physio or OT. If this doesn't feel right contact the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).  

The main CAB Office in Moray is in Elgin at 

6 Moss Street 

Elgin  IV30 1LU

Telephone 01343 550088. 

Outreach sessions are also held in Buckie, Lhanbryde, Lossiemouth and Keith.  

Click HERE for their website


Within Moray there is also an Advocacy service available to help. This is based in Elgin but covers the whole of Moray. Their focus is on working with people with mental health problems or with learning disabilities but they may be able to help some people with Multiple Sclerosis. 

This service is now available to Carers - those who look after someone with MS - who may need help in their dealings with the NHS or Moray Council or other official bodies.

Advocacy North East (Moray) is based at 

Unit 11, Elgin Business Center, Maisondieu Road, Elgin IV30 1RH. 

Telephone 01343 559649.

Advocacy North East have a website. For information click HERE