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Newly Diagnosed?

Everyone is different! We all have different styles when it comes to dealing with change. If you have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis or you know someone who has, you may jump straight in and find out everything you can. Or you may not want to know the details and would prefer to take things day at a time. There is no right or wrong!

This website steers clear of providing information on symptoms, diagnosis or treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Quite simply this is better done elsewhere. However if you are new to MS we try to provide as much relevant, local information as we can, as well as giving links to useful sites especially the  various MS organisations listed HERE

An excellent place to begin is with the MS Trust who have developed a really useful resource called Making Sense of MS. An introductory booklet gives the basics and then a more detailed collection of information sheets can be ordered on a "pick and mix" basis so that you can compile a folder of information that is right for you. Click HERE for a description of the resource and HERE for how to order. Most resources from the MS Trust are free although they always welcome donations.

Another charity MS-UK have produced a booklet aimed at those newly diagnosed with MS. You can view it HERE.

You might also want to look at a website called Patient.co.uk This is a commercial website but a number of health professionals refer to it. 

If you are wondering about drug treatments, the situation is changing all the time but the NHS has part funded an independent website called Multiple Sclerosis Decisions which guides you through the options. A new version is now online hosted by the MS Trust.

Because of the growing number of disease modifying drugs (DMDs) for people with Relapsing/Remitting MS, the British Association of Neurologists have published (July 2015) a new set of guidelines. You can read the full text HERE. This document is very important as it gives MSers an idea of what sort of treatment you should receive.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the information that is out there - and some of it is more useful than others! Talk to other MSers about their experience, perhaps by going to a Support Group, and remember that your GP or the Moray MS Specialist Nurse is always available to help. In fact, if you have been recently diagnosed we think your first step should be to contact the MS Nurse

The MS Society have made a video that explores being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. You can view it below:

YouTube Video

Another useful application aimed at explaining MS to young people has been produced by the people at Queen Mary's University inLondon. It's called Digesting Science and is useful for adults too. Have a look HERE