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Vitamin D

posted 29 Jul 2012, 06:13 by Alan B.
Liz from the Moray MS Support group has spotted press coverage of research into the relationship between lack of sunshine and conditions such as MS. Aberdeen researchers have discovered more evidence of the role of Vitamin D in regulating the immune system.

There has been a lot of opinion on Vitamin D and MS over the years and a number of MSers take vitamin supplements. There doesn't seem to be definitive evidence that taking Vitamin D supplements help MS symptom relief but many take it "just in case". The recommended daily allowance used to be 400 international units per day but this has been revised and some suggest taking as much as 5000iu per day. This is what neurologist Professor Gavin Giavannoni from the London Hospital suggests. If you do decide to take a supplement it is advised to take Vitamin D3 (rather than vitamin D2) and you can take it in tablet or liquid form. At the moment it doesn't seem that you can get Vitamin D on prescription but you can get it from pharmacists or health food shops.

If you want to do your own research into this, try the websites of the MS Society, MS Trust or MS Resource Centre.

A video by a researcher from the London Hospital prepared for the shift.ms website gives useful information. Have a look: