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Unpaid Carers

posted 14 Jun 2016, 01:31 by Alan B.
I've just received the message below which speaks for itself. It may be of interest to those caring for a partner, relative or friend with MS.:

CARRY ON CARING 2016-2019 - Supporting a better life for unpaid carers in Moray 


Caring for our relatives and friends when they are in need of support is a challenge that many of us face in our lives. 

Unpaid carers should have the same opportunities as everyone else. They should be able to have a life outside of their caring role. They should be supported to reduce the potential impact of their caring role on their own health and wellbeing. Carers should be encouraged and supported to access the same services as other members of the community to prevent them from becoming isolated. 

Carry on Caring 2016-2019 is the fourth strategy for unpaid carers in Moray. It aims to build on all the work that has been achieved by the previous strategies as well as support the development of services and information for carers.

Many people have been involved in the development of this draft strategy which is being taken forward by Health and Social Care Moray (The Moray Council/NHS Grampian).

They created a shared vision and a set of strategic aims setting out what they consider to be key to ensuring carers are supported and enabled to carry on caring as long as they choose.

We now want to hear your thoughts and views on the content of the draft strategy so that together we can be confident in what it says and what it will do.

Consultation start date:       09 June 2016

Consultation end date:        29 July 2016

How to have your say:         Once you have read the document you can have your say in a number of ways:

      • Complete the online questionnaire using the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Carry-on-caring;
      • Print off a copy of the response form at the end of the draft strategy document and return it to us;
      • Email any comments to: involvement@moray.gov.uk;
      • Come along to The Gallery at Elgin Library on Monday 27 June any time between 2-4pm and 6-8pm to share your views with staff from Health and Social Care Moray (the integrated partnership of The Moray Council and NHS Grampian);
      • Invite staff to come to your group to hear what members have to say.

What happens next?:           At the end of the consultation period we will review all the comments and use these to inform the final strategy. The strategy and response to the consultation will be considered by the Moray Integration Joint Board on 25 August 2016. From then, in order to achieve the outcomes outlined in the strategy themes, we will work through a robust implementation plan showing how and when all the outcomes will be achieved. This will be reported on regularly.

Contacts:                              Aimee Borzoni, Carers Strategy Officer, aimee.borzoni@moray.gov.uk 01343 567153 

                                             Fiona McPherson, Public Involvement Officer, fiona.mcpherson@moray.gov.uk01343 567187.


Printed copies of the draft strategy are available on request.