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posted 2 Nov 2011, 14:01 by Alan B.   [ updated 5 Nov 2011, 08:36 ]
This site www.MSMoray.net is now being really well used and I'd like to thank some people whose help has got us to this stage. 

Hats off to Lee and Linda who paid for the registration of the site's name and gave invaluable advice on technical issues. I met Linda through Shelagh who has been involved from the start, pitching in ideas. Thanks Shelagh.

Huge thanks to Margaret for advice on web design, proof reading and a steady stream of good ideas.

Cheers to Bob for guidance on the mysteries and delights of Google

The content of the site has been checked and commented on by a range of people - Janice the OT, Judith the Physio, Julie the MS Nurse have all given time and effort not to mention expertise. The Support Group that meets at the Oaks in Elgin have all pitched in with advice and encouragement. Willie and the people at the Moray Resource Centre have been a great help.

So thanks to all - including those that I haven't mentioned because I do sometimes forget things!!

Alan B.


There is some more help that would be very welcome. Does anyone have graphic design skills and could create a logo for this site? Also is there a Facebook wizard out there who could help me negotiate social networking sites. I think we should have presence on these sites but I'm not sure how!




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