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New to MS?

posted 4 Oct 2013, 07:51 by Alan B.
I've added a new page to the site that newcomers to MS might want to look at, I've copied some of the text below:

"This website steers clear of providing information on symptoms, diagnosis or treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Quite simply this is better done elsewhere. However if you are new to MS either because you are newly diagnosed or because you have a general interest in Multiple Sclerosis, you might want to start by browsing the websites of the various MS organisations listed HERE. You might also want to look at a website calledPatient.co.uk This is a commercial website but a number of health professionals refer to it. 

If you are wondering about drug treatments, the situation is changing all the time but the NHS has part funded an independent website called Multiple Sclerosis Decisions which guides you through the options. 

An American site called Medscape, used heavily by clinicians, has recently posted a helpful review of the current debates around different drug treatments. Have a look at it HERE.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the information that is out there - and some of it is more useful than others! Talk to other MSers about their experience, perhaps by going to a Support Group, and remember that your GP or the Moray MS Specialist Nurse is always available to help."