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MS Society Campaigns

posted 16 Oct 2013, 06:55 by Alan B.
Getting the best services for people with Multiple Sclerosis is not a simple matter. There is a limited pot of money of course and decisions are often taken that don't take the needs of MSers sufficiently into account. The Scottish Medicines Consortium, for example, approve new drugs for use by patients but often turn down medicines on grounds of cost or because they think that a drug isn't effective enough.

So sometimes we need to shout a bit and the MS Society Campaigns team are good at shouting! They have staff in London and in Edinburgh but they need the support and participation from individuals affected by MS in Moray.

Recently I attended a Campaigns Team "Voices for Change" workshop which was an excellent session on the latest medicines that may be available for MSers in Scotland.

The Campaigns Community is a primarily virtual community where members are sent email updates (approx once a month) about latest campaigns news across the UK. You are invited to take part in things such as signing e-petitions, or writing to politicians and generally getting involved in campaigns. The content is tailored to what is relevant in Scotland, so it might include UK campaigns on issues around benefits as well as updates on work on medicines in Scotland, the Society's work in the Scottish Parliament and details of upcoming Voices for Change workshops. Anyone can sign up to the Campaigns Community by following the link HERE

Another thing that you can do is complete a simple survey. It’s a general ‘share your story’ survey which the Campaigns Team find gives them very useful content for their policy and campaigning work across a number of topics such as medicines, benefits, social care, employment, being a carer – or anything else that people have experiences or concerns about. It’s anonymous and a quick way to share a story which all helps to build a picture of what is happening and what needs action. The link to the survey is below: www.surveymonkey.com/s/msstories