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MS Society Campaigns

posted 6 May 2013, 06:02 by Alan B.
Now that MS Awareness Week has finished (you might have seen more than usual MS coverage in the Press) it is worth noting what the Campaigns team at the MS Society have been up to. I've found a link to an interesting video HERE. Take a look. You might also want to sign up to the MS Society campaign against the so-called postcode lottery in care provision for MSers in the UK. You can do this by clicking HERE and following the instructions.

What do you think about services for MSers in Moray? I've always been grateful for the caring support I've had from Specialist Nurses, OTs, Physiotherapists and other professionals. I'd also be lost without the support of other MSers in the area. But there are frustrations - money is obviously tight, Neurologists are miles away in Aberdeen. Rehabilitation facilities are slim. And we don't have a vibrant branch of the MS Society in Moray. We definitely need more volunteers to raise the tempo a bit and create more of a stir. Contact the local branch officers if you have the time and energy to get involved. Click HERE to find out more.