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More Support Group News!

posted 13 Feb 2012, 12:23 by Alan B.
The Moray MS Support group had a busy and enjoyable meeting on Friday 10th February. 

15 MSers were there, sharing stories, experiences, hints and tips. There was also a speaker - Jennifer Ross from NHS Grampian. 

Jennie is a world authority (she really is!) on Medication Safety and shared ideas on how medication is used safely and effectively, ensuring that all relevant people involved in your care know what drugs you may be taking and why. She distributed handy cards and bags used to chart all you meds and keep them together in one place. Most information is on a website www.safetoask.co.uk and you can also contact Jennie at jennifer.ross@nhs.net. She is eager to get feedback from patients on her ideas.

The Group had interesting discussions about Sativex and getting out and about if you have mobility problems.

Sativex is a cannabis based medication which may help with spasticity in MS. It is not yet fully licensed and people are experiencing mixed responses from Moray GPs when they are asked to prescribe. Three members of the group are currently taking Sativex and all are finding it helpful. If you want to find out more about this drug visit the websites of one of the National MS organisations or speak to the MS Specialist Nurse.

If you have mobility problems travel can be a headache. Group members shared ideas for making things easier. New, easy-access buses now run on the Number 10 bus route. There are still improvements that could be made and group member Lynn Parton is campaigning on our behalf. Thank you Lynn!

If you are travelling by Rail, some are entitled to a Disabled Persons Railcard (Click HERE for information) which gives substantial discounts. You can also ask for assistance if you plan ahead. Group members shared very positive experiences of this (providing the trains are on time and you make the right connections!).

Locally Paul and Anita discovered accessible paths at Roseisle Beach between Findhorn and Burghead. If you need a wheelchair or scooter to get out and about and want to smell the sea air and hear the crashing of waves a wheelchair-friendly path at Roseisle takes you to the edge of the beach. It's not very long but it does get you close to the sea.

Next MS Support Group meeting at the Oaks in Elgin is Friday 9th March 2012 at 11.00am. See you there!