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e-Learning module for GPs

posted 2 Nov 2013, 09:08 by Alan B.
If you think your GP might want to learn more about MS, you could point her or him to an online learning module for primary healthcare professionals developed by the MS Society. Here is what the Society have to say about it:

An e-learning training module for GPs in partnership with the Royal College of General Practitioners was launched in April 2012. 

The module includes 3 x 30 minute units focused on:

The role of GPs in diagnosing MS, 

Long term outlook and management, 

The psychological and social impact of MS on the patient and their carer(s). 

The module was launched in April 2012:  

1212 GPs completed the course (data from April-Dec 2012)

 Participants complete a pre and post course assessment. This shows a 34% average improvement in knowledge as a result of completing the course. 


Pre course assessment average score: 60%

Post course assessment average score: 94%

Assessment average improvement: +34%

Some summary feedback is below:

excellent easy to understand comprehensive session on MS with important practical points to remember

good and helpful clinical content. Excellent summary and the patient videos are relevant

fantastic well written module

really enjoyed the patient interviews and there was a lot of practical advice for GPs in this session

If you are a GP you can access the module HERE.