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Claiming Benefits - dealing with the headaches!

posted 30 Mar 2012, 02:57 by Alan B.
Most people who have had to claim welfare benefits find the form-filling a real headache! Some say that wading through the paperwork makes them feel ill. 

Recently some MSers in Moray have been faced with a long form called the "Limited Capacity for Work questionnaire" and have found it useful to share ideas on how to tackle it. This form is connected to a claim for Employment and Support Allowance. One discovery was a useful series of pages on the MS Society website. Click HERE to have a look. Another source of information is a link to a Government website in which they outline their own criteria for eligibility for this benefit. It is a bit technical but if you wade through it, it is really useful. Click HERE for that one. 

I've updated the Benefits page on this website to include this information. So let's wave the headaches goodbye!