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Back in the Saddle!

posted 10 Dec 2013, 03:33 by Alan B.
I've been a bit quiet on this website (a virus and the usual seasonal busy, busy, busy!) but am now back with guns blazing! I've added a new page on Riding for the Disabled. If you have ridden before or if the idea of horses is alien but intriguing you might want to consider contacting this group. It's great that there is an outfit like this in Moray.

The MS Society Campaigns Group continue to do impressive work especially in the area of access to medicines. Joining their Campaigns Network is a good way to keep up to date with developments. Several new drugs for MS are in the pipeline at the moment but it is by no means guaranteed that the authorities will license them. Check out the Campaigns Team website HERE.

The Advice project for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis in  Moray which was launched last month is going well. If you need information, advice or assistance with forms you only need to ring 01343 559003 to access the Moray Citizens Advice Bureau who will help, including offering a home  visit if this is required. The new project lis funded by the Moray Branch of the MS Society and is the brainchild of the Moray MS Support group and MSMoray.net . 

Some handy cards, which can fit into your purse or wallet containing the phone number and describing the service are available free. Contact us if you would like a supply.

At this time of year it's worth remembering to take what ever steps work for you to stay clear of viruses and infections. As we know MS doesn't like these things! Simple strategies help - like a good hand washing routine, getting enough sleep, keeping warm, eating and drinking well and keeping stress levels low. All easier said than done of course! If stress is a problem take a look at Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. There will be more about this in the new year - possibly a course for MSers in Moray!