About Us

This Website is written by people with Multiple Sclerosis for people with Multiple Sclerosis. It will also be of interest to friends and family members of people with MS, Health Professionals and anyone else with an interest in this chronic condition.

It was mostly written by me, Alan B.. I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS in 2003 and had quite a struggle to track down useful information and support. Taking responsibility for my health and trying to be positive was more attractive than leaving it all to others or feeling sorry for myself. So I sniffed around for as much information and help as I could find. The content of this Website covers most of what I discovered.

I was interviewed recently by the MS Society talking about the site, so if you want to do something similar in your area, you might find it useful to watch a short video of the interview. It lasts about 10 minutes and is available below.

YouTube Video

I hope that others will add their experiences and ideas to this website and that www.MSMoray.net will become a useful tool for people with MS in Moray - a great part of the world to live in!